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We have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2014 Envision Symposium. These are never easy decisions to make, and this has been one of the most exciting events we’ve worked on. But we simply weren’t getting the support we had anticipated and needed to make this year’s symposium the kind of event we wanted it to be.

We feel a few factors contributed to this. September seems to be a challenging and very busy time of year in our market, as two other industry events held that month have also been cancelled. And perhaps this forward-thinking event may have been ahead of its time for the entertainment technology industry, or maybe we just never did a good enough job defining it.

Having said that, we feel the door may not be closed just yet on the concept of Envision. We will re-evaluate both the event and the needs of the industry and determine if there may yet be a place for such a unique project somewhere in the future, in another time of the year, in another incarnation. Please let us know if you have any thoughts on the matter.

We would like to thank Bran Ferren and Bob Bonniol for all of their hard work and insights in shaping this event. As the creative consultants, they were the engines that drove everything, from the inspiration to the concept to the speakers. Our discussions with them were fascinating, highly educational, and never boring. 


Check out Envision creative consultant Bran Ferren's 2014 TED Talk: "To Create For The Ages, Let's Combine Art And Engineering".

Award winning production designer, film producer, and 2014 Envisionary Alex McDowell shares insights into the process of building entire film worlds from dreams, stories, and a single image.

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