“I look forward to a world where digital and live, global and local, will cease to be binary
opposites and instead, through great storytelling, be partners in advancing our humanity.”

Evan Yionoulis

Obie Award-winning theatre director
"I'm excited for a future where the relationships between artist/audience and professor/pupil blur and enable ongoing states of inspiring and being inspired."�

Brent Bushnell

CEO, Two Bit Circus
“The future is overrated. Now is the time to make a difference.”

Sakchin Bessette

Bridgestone Superbowl XLVI Halftime Show featuring Madonna.
“The future is about losing our compartments. Story is already breaking out of the box and crossing genres.
My vision of the future is story and song, picture and word, the live performer and the digital backdrops.”

Bob Bonniol

“If you go where it's at, by the time you get there it will be gone. So go where it's not
and keep your head open to new possibilities.”

Christopher Janney

“We've created "intelligent" lighting. I foresee "intuitive" lighting that can tap into emotions and react instantly on a stage.
Envision "biorhythmic" light that creates healthy light frequencies in different environments - like outer space!!!“

Anne Militello

“The instant you envision the future, it becomes the present. A paradox worthy of Escher or Steven Wright.”

Marshall Brickman

Oscar winning writer; Annie Hall
“Envision invisible technology enabling instant complex human movement scenes
with people off the street; a sort of minuet of now, helping us leapfrog our in-person inhibitions.
Let's humanize the machine instead of mechanize the people.”

Patrice Regnier

founder ARTeam
“The future? An age of wonder & wisdom, connection & curiosity, ideas - and ideals.”

Michael Hawley

MIT professor
“In the words of Raymond Chandler, the Patron Saint of Game Development:
‘There are two kinds of truth; the truth that lights the way and the truth that warms the heart. The first of these is science,
and the second is art. Without art science would be as useless as a pair of high forceps in the hands of a plumber.
Without science art would become a crude mess of folklore and emotional quackery.’”

Michael Zyda

founding director of the USC GamePipe Laboratory
“The future of storytelling is in what's happening now. With every innovation, trial and error into uncomfortable territory,
we take steps forward by risking everything each chance we get to create something new and original,
and thereby lay the foundation for even more profound work to arise.”

William Cusick

Producer and Director of Welcome to Nowhere (Bullet Hole Road)
“The future is an impossibility. There is only now.”

Adam Davis

“The future makes me anxious, when will it arrive?”

Jonathan Deans

Award Winning Sound Designer: The Beatles LOVE, Pippin
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 Christopher Janney  
Speaker Image

Christopher Janney studied architecture with Michael Graves at Princeton University (BA 1973), sculpture with James Seawright, and percussion in New York, with Joe Cusatis. Janney continued his musical studies in New York at the Dalcroze School of Music, specifically eurhythmics with Dr. Hilda Schuster, and percussion with Norman Grossman at Mannes College of Music. During this period, he worked for a diverse group of artists, including Jack Youngerman, Merce Cunningham Dance and Weng-Yeng Tsai. In 1975, Janney’s band ORION won the prestigious New York Jazz Talent Poll. In 1976, Janney was invited to enter a newly-formed Masters Program in Environmental Art at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There, he began his formal experiments combining architecture and jazz. In 1978, he completed the Program, under artist Otto Piene, with a thesis titled SOUND-STAIR: The Nature of Environmental /Participatory Art (musical stairs). Since 1978, Janney has developed his own multimedia studio, PhenomenArts, Inc. while continuing his affiliation with M.I.T.’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies. Janney has toured the United States and Europe with his interactive sound/architecture installations.
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